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$1.00 VA Move ins, 3% FHA, Conventional, 5% to 10% Investor loans, Down Payment Assistance Grants. Zero Down for some investors Do NOT pass us by because you think you don't qualify. We have put hundreds of people just like you in the home of their dreams. Make this page the first stop to the rest of your life! Click the Down Payment Assistance link above and give us some simple facts. We will handle it from there. (Some restrictions may apply)

RENT RANGERS GOES TO WAR!!! If you need a place to live call us today! We are offering move in specials, flexible leases and other accomodations to help with the war effort. No request is too much, no accomodation to hard! If you have a Military Waiver, you have a place to LIVE! Call today!(Some restrictions may apply)Remember: Pamela is like a Patriot Missle. . . everyone else is just a Scud!
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