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Weird Wilbur Ride's Again
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Weird Wilbur is a Texas phenomonon. His humor is keenly observant and rich in launguage and style. His style is unaffected by the political correctness that punctuates country music. . From his humble beginnings in a garage in Harker Heights TX, to Nashville, Austin, and now California,  his talent has touched so many. You may have heard his work and not even known it.  Here's your chance to join a growning fan base who laugh and reflect on his songs and life.  As long as two people sit in a bar and look for a smile where a frown has been Weird Wilbur will be there with them.

"Weird Wilbur Ride's Again," A Digital Download package that includes 12 tracks on iTunes. Includes the viral mega hits "Fuck You Texas," "Chickenshit," and many more! Play it LOUD - Be Country and PROUD!
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